New goodies in the shop from Spring Market

15 Jun
Silk Quilt Kits

Silk Quilt Kits

Hey y’all!  Some of the best items I saw at Spring Market were these silk quilt kits!  They came in fabulous colors–greens, blues, pinks, reds, neutrals…the patterns are very simple to make and the results are so cool!

I took the red one home this past week to see just how easy it was to make…from opening the pattern to finishing up the last seam – 4 hours!  Of course I didn’t dilly dally, but it was a fast result and I tried to be as organized as possible!  Can’t wait to put it on the Lizzy and quilt it now!  The kits are well priced considering the cost of silk dupioni and you get a great variety of colors in the kits.  Be sure to check them out!

Cinnamon Patch

Cinnamon Patch - cute patterns and wools for simple applique

We have a full range of colors of wools for wool appliques now from Cinnamon Patch.  The patterns for these projects and more, are all available in house and the projects are so amazingly cute!  Especially the items for a baby’s room or childs room!  Fun stuff to work on without a huge cash investment! 

Great new hand applique projects - one per month!

 Kathy Schmitz has a new program that we are going to use in our first Hand Embroidery Club!

Starting on July 3 at 10am, we will start our Hand Embroidery Club with the July project…a 4th of July banner.  The Club fee for that month includes the kit with pre-marked fabric, embroidery flosses and a needle.  All you need to bring are your thread snips, eyeglasses and a 5″-7″ embroidery hoop.  Easy enough and we’ve had a fabulous response so far!    Come join us!

~~Until next time
Rose Ann

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