Spring Air – Cool!

31 Mar

I know we are in Texas but it has actually been really warm these past few weeks!  Now THIS week…..whew!  It’s been soo cool!  Lover-ly~!  I have been working hard on new projects lately and I finally got the Featherweight that I bought at Festival last year out of the box.  Well, it’s only been, what 5 months!   Yikes!   Carefully I wound the bobbin then threaded the machine.  I put some scrap fabric in the machine and away we went.   Nice, nice stitch!  Still smells musty but sews like a dream!   Featherweight

And my sewing room is almost finished…well the construction is complete, but it’s not totally organized otherwise there would be photos on this blog.  But I’m getting there.  Joey, our new puppy helps were he can.  He’s just the cutest thing…


Here's Joey!

This picture is of Joey when we got him in December.   He was only 2 months old and just a bit over 2 lbs.  Yes, he only has one eye.  Don’t know what happened to the other one.  He has a permanent wink!  At Christmastime, his favorite place to rest was under the Christmas tree!  He was our little gift.

Joey under the tree

I promise to write more later on.  Gotta get busy again! 
~~Rose Ann~~

2 Responses to “Spring Air – Cool!”

  1. J Miranda April 1, 2011 at 4:18 am #

    Glad to hear you’re getting closer to being organized. I worked on my quilt room over Spring Break too. Unfortunately, I’m not getting any new construction. Happy quilting~

  2. Carmen D'Amico April 1, 2011 at 11:14 pm #

    I just heard from Nova Montgomery that she is having another Featherweight Maintenance Class on May 14th in Huntsville. She has suggestions for getting rid of any musty odors, and her day long course is all hands on and very thorough. Students travel from all over Texas to attend. When I went last Fall, there were about 12 Featherweights (and owners). Several of us had unusual accessories and there were some interesting machine stories too. Try to go if you can get away.

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