Shop Hop Starts Today!

21 Mar

Happy Shop Hop Folks! Well, it seems that the whole of Houston stops when we participate in the Greater Houston Shop Hop! Well, it doesn’t really, but isn’t it nice to think that quilters are THAT important???

We had lots of rain yesterday and I was worried about what today would bring. Mother Nature, God bless her, has seen to it that the rain stopped and that the temperatures are so comfortable and cool! Yea! I’ve taken some photos of the shop at the first of the day so that you can see what we have to share with you!

Check out the fabulous quilt from the Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild at our Shop Hop Check in Desk

First of all, when you sign in to get your passport, you have got to notice the gorgous raffle quilt displayed by the Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild! It’s received so many oohs and aaahs already!

Moda's Collection for A Cause "Friendship" Kits are In!

New quilt kits and samples are in the shop! Check out Moda’s new “Friendship” quilt kit! I just loved it at Fall Market and I couldn’t wait to get it in stock! Well here it is! Isn’t it great???

Max and Karen team up for Relay for Life 2012!Next we have Karen and Max, who are standing next to their beautiful quilt called “Triumph”. Proceeds from the sales of their tickets will benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life 2012. Karen and Max are on the Mommas in Pajamas Team and they do great work each year! Congratulations to them!

Calendula Patterdrip Quilt! - Crabapple Hill

Here is the Calendula Patterdrip Quilt, pattern from Crabapple Hill! Quilt kits available!

Finally we have Calendula Patterdrip’s Cottage, a great quilt design from Crabapple Hill!

We have it situated near the fall flannels and it is really stirring up interest! We also have prepared kits on our website so buy one while they are in stock! ~~More later~

Rose Ann


One Response to “Shop Hop Starts Today!”

  1. Karen Shively March 22, 2012 at 11:42 pm #

    Thanks so much for the Raffle quilt plug! Proceeds go toward our charitable work as well as to providing wonderful educational opportunities for our members.

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