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Had a terrific time in Kansas City Spring Market!

28 May
Gorgeous Falling Leaves fabric!

Falling Leaves Fabric by Timeless Treasures

I just got back from Spring Market at Kansas City, MO….my new favorite city to visit!  The city itself is just lovely. Pam, Carol and I stayed near the Plaza.  Beautiful shopping, dining and spectacular things to see..including Hari Krisnas singing and dancing with other street dancers as we ate outside at PF Changs!  We saw other amazing things on the road including a banana.  No, not a banana that you eat, but a banana that you DRIVE!  We were coming home and were traveling down a remote Toll Road in Oklahoma.  In the distance I saw something yellow coming towards us and asked for Pam and Carol to check it out!  It was a full sized vehicle, which looked for all the world like a banana…with wheels!!!  I wonder what kind of gas mileage it got?  hmmmm

Anyway, the 3 of us were totally energized for this trip!  We had just reviewed the responses of our pre-market customer survey and we were prepared for looking into new things to bring back!  Here are some photos of things that you can look forward to seeing at Quilter’s Emporium soon!

  So many news fabric designs…Civil War Repros from Jo Morton, great gradiated designs from Karen Combs, and new finds from Moda, like Zen Chic…all will be coming through the doors soon!  We ordered quite a wide variety with a real nod towards the new Modern Quilting Movement.  There is something for everyone!

Brigitte from Zen Chic – Moda!

Check out the fabulous new quilt from  Zen Chic hanging behind Bridgette!  Stunning…just stunning!

We were also introduced to an old embroidery stitch that is gaining a renewed interest.  It is called “Twilling”.  I plan on hosting “Twilling” classes for an hour most Saturdays in June.  Come and check one out.  They will start at 3pm, but check the class schedules to confirm.  It’s fun and quite addicting!  You’ll love it!

~~Rose Ann

Several have asked for an updated photo of Joey, the shop dog.  He was working with me today so here’s a pic of him trying to take a nap by my desk.  I sure missed him while I was gone!

Joey is “hard at work” by my desk.


Shop Hop Starts Today!

21 Mar

Happy Shop Hop Folks! Well, it seems that the whole of Houston stops when we participate in the Greater Houston Shop Hop! Well, it doesn’t really, but isn’t it nice to think that quilters are THAT important???

We had lots of rain yesterday and I was worried about what today would bring. Mother Nature, God bless her, has seen to it that the rain stopped and that the temperatures are so comfortable and cool! Yea! I’ve taken some photos of the shop at the first of the day so that you can see what we have to share with you!

Check out the fabulous quilt from the Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild at our Shop Hop Check in Desk

First of all, when you sign in to get your passport, you have got to notice the gorgous raffle quilt displayed by the Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild! It’s received so many oohs and aaahs already!

Moda's Collection for A Cause "Friendship" Kits are In!

New quilt kits and samples are in the shop! Check out Moda’s new “Friendship” quilt kit! I just loved it at Fall Market and I couldn’t wait to get it in stock! Well here it is! Isn’t it great???

Max and Karen team up for Relay for Life 2012!Next we have Karen and Max, who are standing next to their beautiful quilt called “Triumph”. Proceeds from the sales of their tickets will benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life 2012. Karen and Max are on the Mommas in Pajamas Team and they do great work each year! Congratulations to them!

Calendula Patterdrip Quilt! - Crabapple Hill

Here is the Calendula Patterdrip Quilt, pattern from Crabapple Hill! Quilt kits available!

Finally we have Calendula Patterdrip’s Cottage, a great quilt design from Crabapple Hill!

We have it situated near the fall flannels and it is really stirring up interest! We also have prepared kits on our website so buy one while they are in stock! ~~More later~

Rose Ann

Carolina Lily Class on the 4th of July weekend!

2 Jul

We are always happy when our friend, Paula Barnes from Bonnie Blue Quilts, comes to teach at Quilter’s Emporium!  She’s such a talented teacher and designer!  Enjoy the slide show of the class–maybe you can make it to the next one!

Paula Barnes’ Carolina Lily Class 

~~Rose Ann~~

June Fun at Quilter’s Emporium!~

2 Jul

We’ve had such a fun month at Quilter’s Emporium!  I created a Smilebox of some photos to share with you that will show you some of the fun that we have had.  Hope you enjoy it!   Just click on the link at the bottom of this post and it will take you right to the pictures.

Quilter’s Emporium kicked our new Wool Applique Club in May with a great turnout..and we were delighted to have Cynthia Regone speak at the club’s June meeting.  What a great job she did in answering all of our questions! 

As always, tiaras and feather boas are in style at the monthly Strip Club!  At the June meeting we announced our first Strip Club Sew-In to be held in July.   Later on the same day, we will follow up with our second Jo Morton Sew-In!  Both are planned for July 23 and it’s going to be loads of fun! 

Not for the faint hearted…we will have our Summertime UFO Pajama Party on July 16.  THAT’s going to be a great evening of eating, sewing, shopping, games, and last but not least….quilting! 

It’s always a great day at Quilter’s Emporium…come and see!

Rose Ann

Spring Air – Cool!

31 Mar

I know we are in Texas but it has actually been really warm these past few weeks!  Now THIS week…..whew!  It’s been soo cool!  Lover-ly~!  I have been working hard on new projects lately and I finally got the Featherweight that I bought at Festival last year out of the box.  Well, it’s only been, what 5 months!   Yikes!   Carefully I wound the bobbin then threaded the machine.  I put some scrap fabric in the machine and away we went.   Nice, nice stitch!  Still smells musty but sews like a dream!   Featherweight

And my sewing room is almost finished…well the construction is complete, but it’s not totally organized otherwise there would be photos on this blog.  But I’m getting there.  Joey, our new puppy helps were he can.  He’s just the cutest thing…


Here's Joey!

This picture is of Joey when we got him in December.   He was only 2 months old and just a bit over 2 lbs.  Yes, he only has one eye.  Don’t know what happened to the other one.  He has a permanent wink!  At Christmastime, his favorite place to rest was under the Christmas tree!  He was our little gift.

Joey under the tree

I promise to write more later on.  Gotta get busy again! 
~~Rose Ann~~

New Beginning Quiltmaking Graduates!

26 Jul

We just finished the July Beginning Quiltmaking Class and so many of the students decided to make their quilt samplers much larger!  Felicia decided to maker hers into a queen sized quilt!  (I think the “Quilt Bug” bit them…don’t you?)

Here are some of their projects.  We had a great time!!

Felicia's queen sized quilt top! Congratulations!


Lisa, has never sewn all! Great job!

Nancy, (who's in there somewhere) did a great job in making her's a 9 block sampler!

Melinda made her project just a bit bigger by adding two more blocks.

Another "Star" project!!

Melinda even had time this week to make a new purse!

Inspiration Day at Quilter’s Emporium!

17 Jul

We had great fun today at the Emporium – Inspiration Day!  There was a wonderful turnout of quilters who are eager to learn something new!  We demonstrated some techniques that were new to some, and products that were new to many.   We had Cinnamon Crumb Cake and cupcakes to top it all off too!

Grabaroo Gloves, Stitching Lines, Electric Quilt 7, Yo-Yo Makers, and Slice were just a few of the many products that were demonstrated.  Max showed how to crochet a rug from leftover fabric scraps using the pattern and hook from Grizzley Gulch and Carol demonstrated the Promise Stitch, for hand piecing and quilting.

New quilters come in all sizes and ages~!  You can see at right, Carol teaching a young lady how to do the Promise Stitch.  Hopefully she will keep it up!

One of our new friends, Emma, brought her Mom in to do some fabric shopping.  Emma found our doll that we use to showcase children’s clothing and they were fast friends!


New goodies in the shop from Spring Market

15 Jun Silk Quilt Kits
Silk Quilt Kits

Silk Quilt Kits

Hey y’all!  Some of the best items I saw at Spring Market were these silk quilt kits!  They came in fabulous colors–greens, blues, pinks, reds, neutrals…the patterns are very simple to make and the results are so cool!

I took the red one home this past week to see just how easy it was to make…from opening the pattern to finishing up the last seam – 4 hours!  Of course I didn’t dilly dally, but it was a fast result and I tried to be as organized as possible!  Can’t wait to put it on the Lizzy and quilt it now!  The kits are well priced considering the cost of silk dupioni and you get a great variety of colors in the kits.  Be sure to check them out!

Cinnamon Patch

Cinnamon Patch - cute patterns and wools for simple applique

We have a full range of colors of wools for wool appliques now from Cinnamon Patch.  The patterns for these projects and more, are all available in house and the projects are so amazingly cute!  Especially the items for a baby’s room or childs room!  Fun stuff to work on without a huge cash investment! 

Great new hand applique projects - one per month!

 Kathy Schmitz has a new program that we are going to use in our first Hand Embroidery Club!

Starting on July 3 at 10am, we will start our Hand Embroidery Club with the July project…a 4th of July banner.  The Club fee for that month includes the kit with pre-marked fabric, embroidery flosses and a needle.  All you need to bring are your thread snips, eyeglasses and a 5″-7″ embroidery hoop.  Easy enough and we’ve had a fabulous response so far!    Come join us!

~~Until next time
Rose Ann

Back from Spring Market 2010!

25 May
Quilter's Emporium to be in Fall 2010 Quilt Sampler Magazine!

Quilter's Emporium - Top 10 Quilt Shop!

I’ve had an amazing weekend at Spring Market in Minneapolis!  Lots to share with you at our Market Showcase so I hope you are able to come to see it!  It will be on Sunday, June 6 from 1-3.  You’ll see lots of photos, samples, notions and fabrics that will be coming into the store over the next few months.

But the biggest news was that the Quilt Sampler announcement was finally made!  Quilter’s Emporium will be featured as one of the Top 10 Quilt Shops in the Fall, 2010 Quilt Sampler Magazine.  Whew!  It was the hardest secret that we, at the shop, have ever had to keep!  I had so much fun meeting many of the other shop owners who will also be included in the magazine.  Of course, the best part of it all, is that each of us is now are privileged to be able to include the following logo in our communications.

Meg Hawley and me

Meg Hawley from Crabapple Hill and me in front of "Snow Days".

Meg Hawkey and I had a chance to talk and giggle with each other…and giggle, we did.  She and her staff are so very funny.  I’ll bet they laugh all the time!  I have always enjoyed seeing her beautiful designs at Crabapple Hill and she was happy to loan us “Snow Days” until after our Market Showcase.  Kits and patterns will be available soon so stay tuned.  Isn’t it pretty?

Snow Days by Crabapple Hill

Snow Days by Crabapple Hill

So as time goes on, there will be lots more news to share as we approach the release date of the Quilt Sampler Magazine – September, 2010.  It will be a fun ride…. join us!

Putting the pieces together…
~~~Rose Ann