Had a terrific time in Kansas City Spring Market!

28 May
Gorgeous Falling Leaves fabric!

Falling Leaves Fabric by Timeless Treasures

I just got back from Spring Market at Kansas City, MO….my new favorite city to visit!  The city itself is just lovely. Pam, Carol and I stayed near the Plaza.  Beautiful shopping, dining and spectacular things to see..including Hari Krisnas singing and dancing with other street dancers as we ate outside at PF Changs!  We saw other amazing things on the road including a banana.  No, not a banana that you eat, but a banana that you DRIVE!  We were coming home and were traveling down a remote Toll Road in Oklahoma.  In the distance I saw something yellow coming towards us and asked for Pam and Carol to check it out!  It was a full sized vehicle, which looked for all the world like a banana…with wheels!!!  I wonder what kind of gas mileage it got?  hmmmm

Anyway, the 3 of us were totally energized for this trip!  We had just reviewed the responses of our pre-market customer survey and we were prepared for looking into new things to bring back!  Here are some photos of things that you can look forward to seeing at Quilter’s Emporium soon!

  So many news fabric designs…Civil War Repros from Jo Morton, great gradiated designs from Karen Combs, and new finds from Moda, like Zen Chic…all will be coming through the doors soon!  We ordered quite a wide variety with a real nod towards the new Modern Quilting Movement.  There is something for everyone!

Brigitte from Zen Chic – Moda!

Check out the fabulous new quilt from  Zen Chic hanging behind Bridgette!  Stunning…just stunning!

We were also introduced to an old embroidery stitch that is gaining a renewed interest.  It is called “Twilling”.  I plan on hosting “Twilling” classes for an hour most Saturdays in June.  Come and check one out.  They will start at 3pm, but check the class schedules to confirm.  It’s fun and quite addicting!  You’ll love it!

~~Rose Ann

Several have asked for an updated photo of Joey, the shop dog.  He was working with me today so here’s a pic of him trying to take a nap by my desk.  I sure missed him while I was gone!

Joey is “hard at work” by my desk.


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